Current industry regulations require employers and ‘persons conducting a business undertaking’ (PCBU) to ensure their workers can clearly demonstrate their ability to perform the tasks related to their job role when plant is used. Refresher Training or, as it’s called in the industry, a ‘Verification of Competency’ (V.O.C.) is a method of assessment that can be used to demonstrate the worker’s ability to operate equipment and/or undertake the responsibilities of these roles.

A V.O.C. is an assessment that covers all areas within a worker’s job description and requires them to demonstrate that they have retained sufficient knowledge and skills relevant to their role as specified by their employer or PCBU.

A VOC assessment can take place at your workplace or at our purpose-built training facility and will be conducted by an authorised RTO Assessor with experience in assessing competencies within the workplace environment


As a worker, you will often be asked by new employers to demonstrate your ability to operate the equipment and perform the tasks relevant to your job role.  With the introduction of new regulations placing more responsibility on the employers to ensure their staff’s training is kept up-to-date, more and more companies are requiring workers to hold a Verification of Competency (V.O.C.) before they are able to commence work onsite.

*Note – an operator MUST hold a current High Risk Licence or Plant Ticket (Statement of Attainment) to qualify for a Verification of Competency. 


A VOC is a document that verifies your qualification (competency)

A current licence or Statement of Attainment is one that is still acceptable in the relevant industry or still renewable by a Regulator.

Some qualifications are expected to be renewed after a period of 1 to 2 years, H&I will not VOC a qualification if it has a renewal date of 2 years or less.   If in doubt, please call our friendly training team to clarify.


It is the legal responsibility of the employer to ensure that the skills of staff working on site are up-to-date and compliant. In January 2012, a new set of Workplace Health and Safety laws were introduced, putting more responsibility onto the employer to undertake ‘all reasonably practicable measures to prevent the risk to health and safety occurring’. (Source: Safe Work Australia).

A licence or ‘ticket’ is no longer an adequate measure of your workers ability to perform their tasks and operate machinery in a manner compliant with regulations. In the unfortunate event there is an accident on site, will you be able to prove that you – as an employer – took every reasonable step to ensure the competency of your workers? Encouraging your employees and contractors to complete their V.O.C. training – preferably before commencing work on site – will allow you to demonstrate that reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the health and safety of all workers on site.

Please call our Training Team if you would like to discuss in further detail how H&I Safety and Training can help your operators become competent and qualified