Working Safely at Heights – Training Day

Broadspectrum design, fund, construct, operate, and maintain major projects and infrastructure assets
across diverse industries. Broadspectrum is driven by a relentless pursuit of enhancing human experiences for those who interact with the industries they’re part of. As such Broadspectrum is
committed to ensuring the safety and well being of staff and customers in the pursuit of those goals by providing top tier safety training. H&I Safety and Training is proud to partner with Broadspectrum to achieve these goals by providing a busy live work-site environment for training their highly valuable and well respected staff.

Course outline and outcomes can be found here Work Safely At Heights . 

H&I Safety and training happily provided lunch to raise money for RUOK and Mates in Construction and
would like to thank Broadspectrum staff for they generous donations and support for this important cause. If you would like to support this cause visit our Facebook page.