Vehicle Loading Crane Training Course

Operate a Vehicle Loading Crane


This course is designed for students to gain the skills and qualifications to operate an excavator for the Civil Construction, Mining, Building, Facilities and Asset Management industries. We offer competitive pricing on all our courses and are happy to negotiate where more than one course or more than one student will be completing the course.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can be offered providing suitable evidence is supplied. Discuss this with our support staff prior to beginning the course. Upon completion of the course you will be provided with a Photo identification card detailing your qualifications and a certificate demonstrating a Statement of Attainment (SOA)

Foundation Skills required

This section describes those pre-requisite language, literacy, numeracy and employment skills that are essential to performance.


Identifies and interprets relevant information from workplace procedures, documentation, legislation and regulations


Identifies and comprehends relevant mathematical information in relation to equipment operating capacities

Course Outline

1. Prepare for vehicle loading crane operations
1.1 Access, interpret and apply crane operation documentation and procedures to ensure work activity is compliant
1.2 Obtain, interpret, clarify and confirm work requirements
1.3 Identify hazards and environmental issues assess the risks and implement control measures in line with workplace policies and procedures
1.4 Select and wear personal protective equipment required for work activities
1.5 Identify and display signage and erect barricades to isolate the work area in line with workplace procedures
1.6 Identify and select required vehicle loading crane equipment, and confirm suitability for work activities
1.7 Identify and confirm load to be shifted according to workplace procedures
1.8 Communicate with dogman and confirm attachments are assembled and quantity of load is in line with workplace procedures, specifications, vehicle limitations and/or rigging requirements
1.9 Determine and implement no-go zones, confirm work area is clear and identify and control crane operating hazards prior to the commencement of the lift in line with workplace procedures
1.10 Coordinate and communicate planned activities in line with work requirements, including using recommended load moving signals
2. Operate vehicle loading crane in line with established requirements to complete work activity
2.1 Perform pre-start and start-up checks and vehicle positioning procedures in line with workplace procedures
2.2 Identify faults and rectify within scope of own responsibility and according to workplace procedures
2.3 Ensure load and equipment are secure and stable in line with workplace procedures
2.4 Lift to re-position loads using crane controls and techniques suited to equipment capabilities, site and work conditions, and according to workplace procedures
2.5 Monitor load, and crane hook movements and locations throughout the load transfer
2.6 Monitor hazards and risks during operations, including potential emergency situations, and respond accordingly
2.7 Monitor and manage equipment performance using indicators and alarms
2.8 Park up, shut down, secure and carry out post operational inspection of equipment in line with workplace procedures

3.Conduct housekeeping activities
3.1 Clean, check and store plant, tools and equipment as per workplace procedures
3.2 Clear work area and dispose of reused or recycled fluids and materials as per workplace procedures
3.3 Manage and/or report hazards to maintain a safe working environment
3.4 Complete and file or distribute documentation

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