Underground Service Training Course

Identify, locate and protect underground services


This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to identify, locate and protect underground services in civil construction.

It applies to those working in operational roles and overseeing construction work. They generally work under supervision and hold some responsibility for identifying, locating and protecting underground services.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

Foundation Skills required

This section describes those pre-requisite language, literacy, numeracy and employment skills that are essential to performance.


Adjusts activities given tolerances of plan details and equipment

Oral communication

Verbally acquires details from and reports problems and/or hazards to a supervisor or service and/or utility owner


Identifies and interprets information from at times complex workplace procedures, documentation, legislation and regulations


Monitors and minimises self-exposure to worksite risks during activities


Records simple and routine information relating to work activities

Course Outline

1. Prepare to identify, locate and protect underground services

1.1 Obtain, interpret and confirm work requirements

1.2 Access, interpret and apply Australian standards and documentation required for identifying, locating and protecting underground services and confirm work activity is compliant

1.3 Identify hazards and environmental issues, assess the risks and implement control measures in line with workplace policies

1.4 Identify and adhere to traffic signage requirements

1.5 Select equipment and tools required for service locating works and check for faults and report or rectify within scope of own role

1.6 Identify and apply environmental protection requirements for task

1.7 Obtain and prepare information for search requirements from national referral service prior to making contact with the service provider

1.8 Contact, obtain service and utility location details from and identify specific requirements of service and utility owners

2. Identify and locate underground services

2.1 Identify hazards and environmental issues, assess risks, implement control measures and confirm safe working environment

2.2 Determine location, alignment direction, level and grade of services and utilities from plans and location details

2.3 Comply with specific requirements of service and utility owners

2.4 Use visual and physical means to inspect site for services and utilities prior to commencing construction

2.5 Use required service locating equipment to detect and determine position of underground services and, in consultation with operator undertaking construction work, which assets are affected by planned works

2.6 Mark out positions of underground services and utilities as required

2.7 Generate reports of underground service location

3. Protect underground services

3.1 Advise operators undertaking construction of requirements for asset and utility protection according to service and utility owners requirements

3.2 Establish clearance distances and isolate work as required according to safety requirements

3.3 Move, relocate as necessary, protect and support services and utilities from construction process according to safety requirements and in conjunction with service and utility owners as required

3.4 Advise non-destructive and manual excavation as required

3.5 Confirm restoration of infrastructure assets and backfilling according to safety, and service and utility owners’ requirements, and advise road authority once work is completed as required

3.6 Record and report to asset owners and supervisory staff any damage to services and utilities during activity

4. Conduct housekeeping activities

4.1 Clear work area and dispose of and recycle materials as required

4.2 Clean, check and maintain condition of equipment, and report issues as required or address within scope of own role

4.3 Manage and report hazards as required

4.4 Finalise and process written records as required according to workplace procedures


Information Gathered from https://training.gov.au/Training/Details/RIICCM202E