Confined Space Training Course

Confined Space Training – Enter and Work in Confined Space


This course is designed for students to gain the skills and qualifications to work safely in confined spaces for the Civil Construction, Mining, Building, Facilities and Asset Management industries. We offer competitive pricing on all our courses and are happy to negotiate where more than one course or more than one student will be completing the course.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is not available for this course. Discuss this with our support staff prior to beginning the course. Upon completion of the course you will be provided with a Photo identification card detailing your qualifications and a certificate demonstrating a Statement of Attainment (SOA)

Foundation Skills required

This section describes those pre-requisite language, literacy, numeracy and employment skills that are essential to performance.


Identifies and interprets information from workplace procedures, documentation, legislation and regulations


Uses equipment operating capacity schedule to confirm safe weight load limits

Course Outline

CS – Includes RIIWHS201D – Work Safely and follow WHS policies and procedures Includes RIIRIS201D – Conduct Local Risk Control Includes MSMWHS217 – Gas Test Atmospheres

1 Plan and prepare for working in confined space
Access, interpret and apply procedures for confined space entry and the
environmental management plan and ensure the work activity is compliant
1.2 Obtain, confirm, clarify and apply work instructions and agreed procedure
1.3 Obtain, confirm, clarify and apply safety requirements
1.4 Obtain and confirm authorisation (entry permit) meets regulatory requirements
1.5 Confirm the emergency response procedure is with the stand-by person and understood
1.6 Identify, obtain and implement signage and barrier requirements
1.7 Select tools and equipment for the tasks, check for serviceability and rectify or report any faults
1.8 Identify, confirm and apply the environmental protection requirements
1.9 Position rescue equipment by the entry permit

2 Work in confined space
2.1 Gain access to confined space
2.2 Ensure that the atmosphere is tested and monitored for harmful elements
2.3 Correctly apply tagging and lock-out procedures
2.4 Enter the confined space correctly
2.5 Maintain ongoing communication with the stand-by person
2.6 Comply with entry permit requirements
2.7 Monitor and adhere to allocated entry time

3 Exit confined space
3.1 Exit confined space correctly
3.2 Recover tools, equipment and materials
3.3 Conduct inspection of the confined space
3.4 Secure access to the confined space
3.5 Remove tagging and lock-out
3.6 Accurately complete confined space entry permit

4 Clean up
4.1 Clear work area and dispose of or recycle materials
4.2 Clean, check, maintain and store tools and equipment
4.3 Remove, clean and store barriers and signs

More information on the legislative training requirements of this course can be found here