Cast In-Situ Piling Operations
Training Course

RIICFW305D – Conduct Cast In-Situ Piling Operations


Foundation Skills

This section describes those language, literacy, numeracy and employment skills that are essential to performance.

See Also – Foundation Skills Companion

Skill Description 
ReadingIdentifies and interprets information from workplace procedures, documentation, legislation and regulations
NumeracyUses equipment operating capacity schedule to confirm safe weight load limits

Course Outline

  1. Plan and prepare to conduct in-situ pilings operations
    1.1 Access, interpret and apply documentation to boring of cast in-situ piles and ensure the work activity is compliant
    1.2 Obtain, interpret, clarify and confirm work instructions before proceeding
    1.3 Confirm and apply environmental protection and safety requirements
    1.4 Obtain, interpret and implement traffic management signage
    1.5 Select plant, tools and equipment and check for faults to carry out tasks
    1.6 Select and wear correct personal protective equipment appropriate for work activities
    1.7 Identify, address and report environmental issues, potential hazards and risks
    1.8 Obtain and interpret emergency procedures, and be prepared for fire/accident/emergency
  2. Locate and prepare pile positions
    2.1 Establish location for piles from reference points and set out
    2.2 Position and check plant and related equipment for operation
    2.3 Bore hole
    2.4 Check caisson for conformity with specification
    2.5 Install caisson in the bored hole
    2.6 Prepare caisson to receive concrete
  3. Place concrete
    3.1 Place concrete into caisson
    3.2 Vibrate concrete, removing voids and air pockets
  4. Remove boring rig
    4.1 Relocate boring rig to next point of installation operation
    4.2 Remove boring rig from site on completion of work
  5. Clean up
    5.1 Clear work area and dispose of or recycle materials
    5.2 Clean, check, maintain and store plant, tools and equipment

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